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How did Australians follow the London 2012 Olympic Games?

A short report on audience behaviour

Australians are very much a part of a significant and ongoing global change in how people follow major events like the Olympics, with greater multi-screen viewing—for convenience, and to connect with others on social media.

However, most viewing was still on the best (and biggest) television screen available, with research finding Australians watched an average of 3h:11m of televised content each day of the Olympics.

In the US and UK, research showed a large proportion of the population followed London 2012 using a combination of television, PCs, mobiles, tablets and social media.

Australians did not stream as much content as US or UK viewers, but they did watch the Games on television in larger-than-ever numbers. Australians also followed the Games on PCs, tablets and mobiles, as well as engaging on social media.

Research suggests, however, people watched coverage on different devices at different times—leading to the idea of three ‘prime times’—early evening for television, after 10.30 pm for mobiles and tablets and the morning commute and lunchtime for a combination of mobiles, PCs and laptops. Each day of the Olympics Australians viewed an additional 3h:27m of Games content beyond the television screen.

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Last updated: 22 April 2013