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Have your say on proposed changes to the 1800 MHz spectrum licences

After the recent release of the draft changes to the 800 MHz band, we're now seeking comment from interested stakeholders on proposed changes to the technical framework for the 1800 MHz band. The ACMA is actively engaging with stakeholders on a wide range of measures to improve spectrum licensing frameworks.

The changes will provide more efficiency and enable the operation of new or emerging technologies across the next spectrum licence period. A discussion paper and attachments provide detail on the proposed amendments to the framework. We look forward to hearing from interested parties on the proposed changes to the framework in the 1800 MHz band and invite you to make a submission.

The closing date for submissions in response to this discussion paper is 27 July 2012.

We're working to ensure that our spectrum licence frameworks continue to remain world's best practice in spectrum management, and consistently meet the needs of licensees for the next 15-year spectrum licence period. The first tranche of the spectrum licences in the 1800 MHz band will expire on 17 June 2013, with the second tranche to expire on 3 May 2015. We intend to implement the revised technical framework to all spectrum licences in the 1800 MHz band from 18 June 2013 onwards, irrespective of the date of expiry of each licence.

Information about expiring spectrum licences is available here.

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Additional information about the reissue process, the radiofrequency spectrum and spectrum licensing is available on the ACMA website.

Last updated: 27 August 2018