Five-year spectrum outlook 2017−21 | ACMA

Five-year spectrum outlook 2017−21

Consultation closes: 24 January 2018

IFC: 27/2017

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The ACMA has reviewed submissions in preparation for the 2018–22 edition of the FYSO. You can also access previous versions of the FYSO.

The ACMA received 29 submissions/comments to this consultation. These can be accessed from the right hand side index box..

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Five-year spectrum outlook 2017–21: the ACMA’s spectrum management work program

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Five-year spectrum outlook

The ACMA has communicated its spectrum management priorities through its five-year spectrum outlook (FYSO) since 2008–09, and this year is using the FYSO to consult with stakeholders on a range of planning and prioritisation issues.

There are two parts to this year’s FYSO:

Part 1 sets out three major pieces of new work that the ACMA is seeking stakeholder views on:

  1. An approach to implementing the Spectrum Review recommendations for a spectrum work program that includes a new consultation process for seeking feedback, and considering it before the relevant spectrum work program is published.
  2. A forward allocation work plan. This plan is intended to provide incumbent and prospective spectrum users with indicative information about the timing and sequencing of the price-based allocation of licences in a number of spectrum bands. Whether individual bands proceed to reallocation and auction is contingent on future ACMA and ministerial decisions at the planning stage, other government policy considerations, market demand, and industry priorities for access to spectrum.
  3. Spectrum Review implementation work plan. The ACMA has a significant body of work occurring over the next few years to implement the Spectrum Review recommendations currently being drafted into legislation—in particular, the design of a new licensing system and work on the redesign of accreditation and equipment rules, new frequency assignment and spectrum planning frameworks. The ACMA is consulting on our work plan to implement the Spectrum Review reforms, indicating our approach to reform priorities and when we intend to consult with you on the design of the revised spectrum management arrangements.

The second part of the FYSO outlines the activities the ACMA intends to undertake over the remainder of 2017–18. These have been informed by stakeholder feedback received for last year’s FYSO and through other consultation processes. The FYSO also addresses the issues we anticipate emerging over the next five years and the progress we have made in relation to our previous 12-month work plan.

The ACMA is seeking your feedback by Monday, 18 December 2017.

This is earlier than in previous years because we are moving to a new consultation cycle next year. We intend to release next year’s spectrum work program for comment in the first half of 2018, and then publish it prior to, or at the commencement of, financial year 2018–19. The timing and sequencing of this consultation process more closely reflects the Spectrum Review’s recommendation for the preparation of a spectrum work program.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on this year’s FYSO, which we will use to inform our development of next year’s spectrum work program.