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Feedback sought on licence commencement dates

IFC 57-2011

Preparing for the digital dividend auction, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) is considering the start date for the new spectrum licences to be issued to successful bidders. There are a number of options to reallocate spectrum from incumbent licensees to new licensees.

The ACMA’s preliminary view is that the efficient allocation and use of the spectrum would be maximised by following this framework:

  1. Spectrum licences in the 700 MHz band to commence on 1 January 2015

  2. Spectrum licences in the 2.5 GHz band to commence on 1 October 2014

  3. New spectrum licences in the 700 MHz band being subject to a condition preventing the new licensees from causing interference to any remaining incumbent broadcasting services

  4. Spectrum licences in both bands being issued for a 15-year period, with all licences within each band co-terminating.

The proposed start dates for the spectrum licences align with the end of the reallocation period in each band. Please note the framework presented here reflects the thinking of the ACMA staff, and should not be taken to represent a decision endorsed by the Authority.

Before preparing the marketing plan for this process, the ACMA is interested in your views on the proposed framework, specifically:

  1. the proposed commencement dates for spectrum licences

  2. the proposed inclusion of an interference management condition(s) in spectrum licences issued in the 700 MHz band to apply in certain circumstances, and the nature and/or form such a condition could take

  3. the proposed duration of spectrum licences

  4. any other relevant matters.

This preliminary consultation process runs from 22 December 2011 to 13 January 2012 and you can submit an online response by email to

To request a bilateral meeting, contact Anna Cheung on (03) 9963 6837, or email, before 13 January.

There will be a second opportunity to provide feedback through the draft marketing plan, which is due for release (for formal consultation) at the end of February 2012. Subscribe to our e-bulletin for notification about the formal consultation process.

Read more background about the proposed approach to licence commencement.

Publication of submissions

The ACMA does not intend to publish submissions received during this preliminary consultation process and encourages stakeholders to provide all information relevant to the issues surrounding commencement of licences in the 700 MHz and 2.5 GHz bands. This will enable the ACMA to make informed decisions around these issues.

However, submitters are asked to identify information which is considered confidential and provide a written explanation for confidentiality claims. Any submissions provided to the ACMA may be released under the Freedom of Information Act 1982. The ACMA may also be required to release submissions for other reasons including for the purpose of parliamentary processes or where otherwise required by law (for example, a court subpoena). While the ACMA seeks to consult submitters of confidential information before that information is provided to another body or agency, it cannot guarantee that confidential information will not be released through these or other legal means.

Last updated: 03 August 2016