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24 March, 2014 04:13 PM


Cloud computing—what’s all the fluff about?

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Cloud computing is really taking off in Australia and playing an important role in the digital economy.

A snapshot we took of the cloud computing market for the year ending June 2013 revealed some interesting developments.

Nearly 14 million people in Australia aged 18 years and over—that equates to 80 per cent of the population—had actively used cloud computing services in the six months to May 2013. This is up 11 per cent from 12.6 million a year earlier.

Forty-four per cent small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)—about 900,000 businesses—had actively used cloud computing services during the year.

Active use of cloud computing services is significantly higher than levels of awareness, with 55 per cent of the total adult population estimated to have heard of the term ‘cloud computing’, while only 26 per cent of active cloud-computing users were aware they had used a cloud service.

The most popular service was using a webmail service, such as Hotmail or Gmail, which grew from 10.6 million users to 12.2 million—a rise of 16 per cent over the previous year. Webmail services were also the most common services used by SMEs.

Some other key findings were:

  • Those who had actively used cloud computing services and knew about it—26 per cent of all cloud computing users—said the main benefit was the ability to access them across all devices (43 per cent). Their main concern was about the perceived lack of security (52 per cent).
  • For SMEs actively using cloud computing services, the main advantage was easier/more convenient access to services (36 per cent). The major negative was that cloud services were not suited to their business (48 per cent).

A number of current developments, and some that are just around the corner, are likely to lead to further growth of cloud computing services in Australia. These include the rollout of infrastructure, increased use of complementary devices, and increased competition between service providers.



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