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09 May, 2013 11:14 AM


Target your marketing and hit the bullseye!

By Editor


The ACMA recently commissioned a survey of consumers about their perceptions of telemarketing. The results show that many consumers find these calls annoying, for a number of reasons.

Ready …

Telemarketing is a simple and effective way to reach people, tell them about your product or service and turn them into customers. While your competitors may use electronic messaging—emails and SMS—to promote their business, telemarketing lets you speak directly to your customer, so you can explain the advantages of your product and potentially make a sale.

When you target new customers through telemarketing, remember to check or ‘wash’ your list of numbers against the Do Not Call Register. This is the best way to make sure that you’re not using numbers that are registered and should not be contacted for most marketing purposes.

Aim …

When you wash your call list against numbers on the register, you’re saving everyone’s time. This is because you’re filtering out people who don’t want telemarketers calling their home or mobile phone numbers—and won’t buy your product or service if you do. Excluding these people from your campaign will save time and money, and avoid creating frustration or anger towards your brand.

You can wash your call list in a few simple steps:

  • go to the Do Not Call telemarketing access portal
  • create an account
  • select a subscription type that suits you (the lowest level is free)
  • choose the right washing channel (there are four different channels to pick from).

And remember to wash your lists every 30 days.


Using a washed calling list will make you a more effective marketer because you’ll target people who are actually potential customers. Contacting people who are receptive to telemarketing calls means that each call you make will be more likely to end in a sale.

So take the right line and make every call count!