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08 March, 2013 04:05 PM


Outsourcing your telemarketing: you call the shots

By Editor

Telemarketing can be a cost-effective and personal way to get your message to a large number of potential customers. But not all businesses can afford to set up telemarketers in-house and are opting instead to use outsourced call centres.

So it's a good idea to check that your call centre is 'taking the right line' when telemarketing for your business.

Make it clear

Both you and your call centre have to undertake telemarketing in accordance with the law, so make sure you have written contracts in place. The contracts should specifically say that each of you will comply with the law governing telemarketing and that calls will not be made to numbers on the Do Not Call Register (DNCR). It's also a good idea to state in these contracts who is responsible for:

  • checking call lists against the DNCR
  • maintaining call records
  • handling complaints.

Keep an eye on things

It's not enough to assume that your call centre is doing the right thing just because it's in the contract. You should keep your telemarketers accountable by:

  • obtaining regular compliance reports and 'wash' receipts
  • reviewing outgoing call records to ensure that numbers on the DNCR were not called
  • reviewing complaints to check they were addressed properly, and taking action if they weren't.

Try it out for yourself

Have you ever tried putting your own phone number on the call list? It's the best way to find out what the experience is like. Would you be interested in your product or service based on how the telemarketing call was made? Ask yourself:

  • How did the call make you feel about your brand?
  • Did your telemarketers take the right line?


  • Telemarketing places your brand directly in the mind of a potential customer, so regular monitoring makes good business sense.
  • Make sure your call centre does not call numbers listed on the register.