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08 March, 2013 04:05 PM


All we want for Christmas …

By Editor

… is for your telemarketing to 'take the right line' this holiday season. Remember that the ACMA—just like Santa—will soon find out who's been naughty or nice!

If the names on your contact list don't want to hear from you, you're likely to have some angry people at the other end of the phone. And if they're on the Do Not Call Register, they may complain to us. So, check your list and make sure your efforts are directed to people who are more likely to welcome your call. Regularly washing your calling list, as well as expressly asking customers and potential customers if they'd like to receive your marketing, will help you avoid wasted effort.

Express yourself

We all know the golden rule—don't make telemarketing calls to people who've put their numbers on the Do Not Call Register, unless you have their consent.

In telemarketing terms, there are two types of consent—express and inferred.

Express consent occurs when a person tells you directly that they're happy to receive calls from you. You can obtain it in a number of ways—from asking someone to fill in a form to having a conversation with them. It's always preferable to obtain express consent if you can.

You may have inferred consent when a person can reasonably expect to receive your telemarketing call. Someone's phone number being published, in the phone book or on the web, is not enough for you to infer consent. You should have an existing relationship with the person you want to call; for example, they may have recently done business with you. But take care with existing business relationships—recent contact must have occurred in the last three months.

Both types of consent have one important thing in common—the onus is on you to prove you had consent when you made your call. And don't forget, even if someone has previously given consent, they can change their mind at any time. You need to have systems in place to opt your customers out of telemarketing, if they want to.

Happy Christmas!