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05 May, 2016 12:05 PM


Welcome to TELLER

By Editor


Good news! To help cut the time it takes to complete reporting requirements, the ACMA has launched a new, user-friendly, purpose-built telecommunications reporting system, TELLER.

TELLER streamlines the online lodgement process of eligible revenue submissions, while providing a secure environment to exchange financial information.

Data from eligible revenue reporting is used to calculate and determine levy obligations for the Telecommunications Industry Levy and the Annual Carrier Licence Charge. Eligible revenue is based on the gross sales revenue of the carrier and any related entities, less a series of revenue and expense deductions.

What are the benefits of TELLER?

The ACMA designed the TELLER system to streamline reporting obligations, and improve data reliability. System improvements include pre-filling of data through electronic forms and visibility of the previous year’s data.

TELLER aims to reduce unnecessary interactions and communications between the ACMA and telecommunication providers. It’s anticipated that TELLER’s accuracy and enhanced data verification will reduce the incidence of interventions and interactions with some carriers by as much as 40 per cent.

When is TELLER available?

TELLER will be available for the 2015–16 reporting period onwards (from 1 July 2016), with eligible revenue submissions due by 31 October 2016. Carriers with revenues of more than $25 million annually will need to an AUSkey to access TELLER. AUSkey is a secure login that identifies you, or a representative of your business, when using participating government online services on behalf of a business.

Is training available?

TELLER training will be provided in Sydney and Melbourne from late May, with online materials also available. While the ACMA has already contacted carriers about training there is still one more day to register: COB, Friday 6 May 2016. If you’re interested please email til@acma.gov.au.

More information about the ACMA’s revenue collection responsibilities is available here.