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04 June, 2015 09:30 AM


CIS compliance: Telcos warned

By Editor


Small and mid-sized telcos have been warned that they must keep information in mandatory Critical Information Summaries (CISs) up to date.

A CIS gives consumers clear information about products, plans and services—all in a two‑page summary document.

While the ACMA’s third annual survey found all larger providers are compliant, some smaller and mid-sized providers have ‘dropped the ball’ when it comes to the requirement to keep the CIS current.

Providers also need to pay special attention to:

  • ensuring the CIS is linked to the specific customer offer and that the link is working
  • clearly outlining the set-up or activation fees, and including these in the list of minimum charges
  • including the cost of making a two-minute standard national mobile call—for offers that are not unlimited.

In March 2015, we assessed the CIS compliance of 35 providers: 




Number of providers assessed

35 46

Number of offers assessed

68 92

     CIS immediately compliant

69% 90%

     CIS with some content or formatting issues

27% 8%

     No CIS

3 2

The 2015 findings show that providers have a high understanding of the need for a CIS—but they need to ensure the information is clear and accurate. This is essential if a CIS is to perform its key role of helping consumers make informed purchasing comparisons and decisions about telco products and services.

In response to the 2015 initial findings, we have begun 12 preliminary enquiries and the relevant providers have moved quickly to become compliant.

We are now moving onto the next stage of our CIS assessments, which looks at the CISs of retail service providers in new NBN-rollout areas.

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