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10 May, 2016 03:16 PM


Telcos provide a clear read

By Editor


We are happy to report that telco providers are responding well to the requirement to keep key consumer information up-to-date.

In a recent compliance study, we found high levels of compliance across the telco industry in our annual audit of Critical Information Summaries (CIS).

CIS are ‘product summaries’ developed by each telco service provider and are required to be provided to consumers under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code. They allow consumers to easily compare telecommunications services on a like-for-like basis and help them better understand and choose the most suitable plan.

All telco providers must have a CIS available for each of their offers, including pre-paid offers. All CIS must be easy to locate online, and must also be available in-store if a telco provider has a shopfront.

The study this year looked at the CIS of 50 providers on their websites. The audit examined CIS covering a range of services, including plans for mobile, broadband (ADSL and NBN) and bundle plans. As part of this review, we examined whether the CIS included all the required content, as well as how easy they were to find on the telco’s website.

Overall, the CIS from most of the telco providers were found to be compliant. While we did raise minor compliance concerns with a dozen service providers, in most cases the concerns were easily addressed. We’ll continue to work with two remaining companies to resolve outstanding issues.

For more information, see our critical information summaries for telco consumers page.