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08 April, 2014 11:35 AM


In context: understanding complaints data

By Editor

The ACMA welcomes the recent introduction of contextualised complaint statistics by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).  

The new contextualised reporting shows complaint statistics against the number of telco services in operation.

Overall in 2012–13, there were 313.6 complaints per 100,000 services (158,652 complaints and 50.6 million services). This is a decrease of 19.2 per cent on 2011–12, when there were 388 complaints per 100,000 services.

The TIO’s data also shows the following decreases in complaints per 100,000 by service type during 2012–13:

  • 27.8 per cent for mobiles
  • 2.4 per cent for landlines
  • 0.8 per cent for internet.

These statistics are heartening, as many of the changes introduced in the revised Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code 2012 were aimed at mobile services, including the introduction of usage alerts and standard charges for Included Value Plans.