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14 December, 2016 01:22 PM


Have you registered with Communications Alliance?

By Editor


Telcos, did you know that since 3 May 2016 you have to register certain details with Communications Alliance (CA)?

Back in March, the TCP Code was varied, mainly to bring in a new rule that requires you to give CA the following:

  • a statement saying the info you’re providing is in line with clause 9.1.1 of the TCP Code and you accept that it’ll be sent to Communications Compliance (CommCom)
  • the legal name and ABN/ACN, all relevant trading names and the website of your business 
  • a nominated contact person and all relevant contact details.

The process is easy—just go to CA’s website and fill in the form, done! And if anything changes you need to let CA know within a month.

If you're only starting out

Only just started providing services? You might be wondering if you still need to register. The answer is yes, but you’ve got a month from the date of getting your very first customer to give CA the relevant info. That’s a bit of breathing room! 

Existing members, we still want to hear from you

Already a member of Communications Alliance? That’s great, but being a member doesn’t cover your obligation under the TCP Code. Registration under the code is unrelated to membership in CA, so you still have to give your info.

Not a Communications Alliance member?

If you’re not a CA member, it might seem odd that you need to give them details about your business. But it’s a requirement under the TCP Code. So if you’re providing telco services to consumers and small businesses under the code you need to comply with all the obligations.

What happens if you don’t register

If we see that you’re providing services to customers and you haven’t registered, we’ll give you a gentle reminder. If you fail to register with CA after that, chances are you could be facing more serious consequences, as Crunch Networks discovered recently when we issued them with a formal warning (PDF) (Word).

Registering is simple, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it. If you need any further info, visit: