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27 October, 2015 10:15 AM


How does your business match up? Complaints-handling like a pro!

By Editor

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 Are you aware of your businesses complaints-handling processes?

Do you know they are effective, or need any improvement?

Why does this even matter?

Effective complaints-handling is an essential customer relations tool. Customers who can contact your business easily and have their complaint resolved swiftly are more likely to remain customers and recommend your service.

So what can you do to improve your processes?

  • get on social media—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram … use them all
  • offer web chat—with two types available (smart chat and passive chat), check to see what suits your business needs -
  • introduce a customer call-back service
  • make it easy for your customers to contact you—think about direct navigations to your ‘contact us’ webpage
  • don’t forget those customers that may not have access to the internet – make your phone number and address easily accessible and ensure you have enough staff to handle your call volumes. 

Did you know that there is a minimum complaints-handling requirement for all businesses in Australia?

Yes that’s true. The C628:2012 Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code (the TCP Code) sets out the requirements for managing, monitoring, analysing, recording and reporting complaints. These general rules include:

  • acknowledge all complaints within two working days
  • provide resolution within 15 working days
  • provide a unique reference number to enable customers tracking
  • give special attention to urgent complaints, such as those involving imminent disconnection.

Want more information?

We also provide resources to consumers regarding complaints-handling processes for the telecommunications industry. To view the full list of frequently asked questions, see our making a telecommunications complaint webpage..