Changes to technical standards for air-band radios | ACMA


01 April, 2015 10:21 AM


Changes to technical standards for air-band radios

By Editor

The ACMA has granted temporary permission to Icom (Australia) Pty Ltd to supply the IC-A110 radio to the Australian aviation market.

This follows an announcement in December 2014 that the ACMA had used its powers under the Radiocommunications Act 1992 to issue Icom with a permit to continue to supply the Icom IC-A15 radio. Icom had self-declared to the ACMA that the IC-A15 was one of three aviation band radio products it supplies to the Australian market that does not comply with all of the requirements of the aviation-band standard (AS/NZS 4583:2010).

The ACMA’s decision enables the supply of aviation radios that are critical to airport operations while minimising risks to spectrum management and aviation.

The ACMA has also initiated the removal of redundant Australian-specific elements of the aviation-band standard. This will bring the standard in line with similar standards in overseas jurisdictions. The amendments would permit compliance for aviation-band transceivers not permanently fixed inside an aircraft to be demonstrated by way of a test report that complies with European standards (devices permanently fixed inside an aircraft are separately subject to Civil Aviation Safety Authority requirements). The obligation for compliance records and compliance marks would still apply, as would the requirement to comply with applicable electromagnetic radiation and electrical safety requirements.