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14 January, 2015 11:38 AM


Share & share alike

By Editor


An ongoing campaign to promote open and transparent government and foster innovative data use will enable stakeholders to access more data from the ACMA.

The ACMA’s open data initiative makes available new data on digital TV planning and payphones, the telco customer service guarantee and telco priority assistance. The Register of Radiocommunications Licences has also transitioned from a subscription service to a free download.

We’re also refreshing our data on the website—the Australian Government’s shared portal for access to public data sets.

Why are we releasing this data?

The ACMA already provides extensive data and information on our website,, and through Much of this is very broad and general—for example, social media, media releases, policy and guides—but a significant amount is specific and detailed, and of interest to our external stakeholders.

However, as part of the Gov 2.0 initiative to ‘realise a more open, transparent and consultative form of government’, we’ve committed to increase further what data is freely and publicly available.

Our current data-sharing activities are the first steps to meeting this goal. Making this data available will increase transparency in the ACMA’s operations, encourage greater use of the information we collect, and support community innovation in the use and exploitation of this data.

What’s next?

We’re releasing a new planning tool that will allow telcos to help plan network infrastructure and spectrum requirements. Further data on digital TV coverage predictions and ACMA consumer survey data will also be published in the near future.