Illegal transmissions from Christmas Island stopped | ACMA


14 January, 2015 03:25 PM


Illegal transmissions from Christmas Island stopped

By Editor


The ACMA and the Australian Federal Police have worked closely together to stop unlicensed transmissions occurring on Christmas Island. The ACMA responded to a complaint about the unlicensed transmissions across the 27 MHz band on the weekend of 10–11 January 2015, and joined with the AFP to stop these transmissions.

The 27 MHz band is home to a number of services including the High Frequency Citizen Band Radio Service, with specific frequencies dedicated for emergency use. There are also a number of licensed users on this band, including government, Defence, port authorities and law enforcement agencies. Illegal transmissions on this band could result in severe interference to these licensed users, which could have severe consequences.

The ACMA has warned the individuals involved and has made them aware of their compliance obligations. The ACMA and the AFP continue to work towards ensuring that no further unlicensed transmissions are made.

The maximum penalty that a court could impose upon conviction is up to two years imprisonment for an offence under sections 46 (unlicensed operation of a radiocommunications device) and 47 (unlawful possession of radiocommunications devices) of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

The ACMA takes non-compliance seriously and actively works with other Australian Government agencies to ensure compliance. Check our website for information on radiocommunications interference.