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23 July, 2015 03:15 PM


Area-wide special licence conditions: not a free-for-all

By Editor

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Causing interference to radiocommunications can be costly.

Over the past six months, the ACMA has issued infringement notices totalling $17,850 to a number of land mobile apparatus licensees who have an area-wide special condition on their licence. These licensees had authorised third-party users to operate radiocommunications equipment that caused interference. The infringement notices followed three separate investigations by the ACMA into allegations of interference to radiocommunications.

The area-wide special licence condition specifies the geographical area in which the licensee is permitted to operate. This could include a city, state, the whole of Australia or another area.

The area-wide special licence condition states that licensees must not cause interference to other users, nor will they be protected if another service interferes with them. These licensees must ensure that authorised third-party users do not cause interference to fixed licence services.

‘The ACMA actively monitors the spectrum and responds to complaints,’ warns Mark Loney, Executive Manager of Spectrum Operations and Services. ‘The ACMA provides interference protection to properly licensed land mobile services. Licence holders with an area-wide special condition must take steps to ensure they do not cause interference’.

To reduce the risk of interference, licensees should:

  • obtain site-specific licences, which authorise the use of radiocommunications devices in a single location for extended periods
  • avoid the use of land mobile apparatus licences with the area-wide special condition in a single location for any more than four weeks
  • check the Register of Radiocommunications Licences to ensure that the frequencies being used are not licensed to another fixed licensee in that area.

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