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03 December, 2013 10:44 AM


Ten tips for the perfect e-marketing party

By Editor

The Spam Act has turned 10 and we’d love you to celebrate this birthday with us!

For 10 years we have been talking to the public about the spam they receive. That’s given us an insight into how your marketing makes them feel. With over 100 investigations under our belt we also know a thing or three about the issues that commonly (and not so commonly) affect e-marketers—plus ways to avoid potential problems. And our strong ties with international regulators also give us useful insights into what might have an impact on the e-marketers in the future.

So if you’d like to throw an e-marketing party to help us celebrate 10 years, we’ve got 10 tips that are sure to make your party one that your customers will never forget—in a good way! A happy customer is always something to celebrate!

So follow our 10 tips and have a ball with Spam Act compliance. Each links to a previous blog so you can get some more info.

  1. What sort of party is it (and what’s the dress code)? e-marketing—think before you press the button
  2. Don’t cut corners on the invitations or the venue (choose something respectable). Keeping it real—don’t be mistaken for a scammer
  3. Put your name and address on the invite (you’d be amazed how many people forget). Sender identification—does your audience know who you are?
  4. Make sure your guests can RSVP. Unsubscribing—making sure it works can work for you too/Unsubscribe from poor marketing practices/Getting the message
  5. Never invite a first date to a party. Express consent is best consent/Double opt-in for express consent/big tick for consent/Manufacturing consent?
  6. But never invite an old ‘girlfriend’ to a party. Past versus present—e-marketing to old and new customers
  7. Don’t invite the whole phone book. Conspicuous publication—what is it and can I use it?/Purchased lists—is the reward worth the risk to your reputation
  8. It’s not always a good idea to invite friends of a friend. With friends like these ...
  9. Don’t let a bad DJ ruin your night. Controlling your brand—e-marketing guidelines for franchisees, licensees and contractors
  10. Make sure that your guests have fun! Successful e-marketing pages/Getting the balance right /The multiplier effect: increase your sales, not your complaints!
  11. The ACMA publishes this e-marketing blog to share our knowledge with you and help you improve the public’s confidence in e-marketing. We hope its ongoing series of hints and tips will help you engage with your customers rather than push them away. You can subscribe to our blog here.