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07 August, 2013 03:40 PM


Getting the message

By Editor

When people are faced with an overflowing inbox, the common reaction is to delete everything that looks like spam—including your e-marketing messages. But customers who opt out of your email offers may not actually be saying goodbye—they’re just managing their inbox. So, rather than risk your business being lost among hundreds of emails, it’s wise to attract their attention in other ways.

Stay in their good books

When a customer opts out of your e-marketing, the Spam Act gives you five working days to action the request. What you do during this critical time can make or break your reputation with them. We think it’s a VERY BAD idea to continue to bombard them with your e-marketing. In our experience, consumers like to receive a polite confirmation of their opt-out request and NOTHING MORE.

These people have been interested in your business in the past and may still be in the future. So being prepared to set a customer free may do wonders for your reputation with them—and potentially their family, friends and colleagues.

If you do keep sending messages during this period, make sure you comply with the Spam Act—include your name, contact details and an unsubscribe facility.

Remove their details

Unfortunately, we often hear that businesses don’t properly check their e-marketing lists and keep sending emails to people who have unsubscribed—even after the grace period has ended. This practice makes a customer much more likely to permanently end their relationship with you! Even worse, they may tell their friends or report you to the ACMA. So, respect your customer’s request and take them off your e-marketing list. And if they do come back to you later, they may just bring their friends. What goes around, comes around! Remember that successful e-marketing is about reputation!

Keep their options open

This may not even be a departure at all. If you maintain your reputation through best practice e-marketing, you may find these same customers connecting with you online through Facebook, Twitter or your website. So cut the strings and give the customer some email space—after all, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

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