Successful lift-off for AISI portal | ACMA


16 December, 2014 12:10 PM


Successful lift-off for AISI portal

By Peter Watts

Malware graphic

The ongoing fight to keep the internet clean has received a boost following the successful launch of the Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI) portal. The online portal was unveiled via a webcast on Friday 28 November, attracting much interest from social, print and online media.

What is the AISI program?

The ACMA developed the AISI to help address the problem of computers infected with malware—or ‘malicious software’. The AISI reports compromised IP addresses to internet service providers (ISPs), who can then work with their customers to rid their devices of malware.

Starting in 2005, the AISI program has grown from a trial of six ISPs to now cover over 98 per cent of Australian IP addresses.

How does the portal enhance the AISI program?

The AISI online portal improves the delivery of the AISI in a number of ways. Members now have access to a self-service function, which allows them to obtain up-to-date data directly from the portal whenever they need it.

The portal also gives users comparative data between their own and other networks involved in the AISI. They can view a snapshot of the AISI’s most recent information, and acquire specific information about malware infections that can help to identify malware-infected devices in a local network.

But wait, there’s more! The portal also provides a superior, flexible and complex search function so ISPs can tailor searches to their needs.

The AISI portal is an integral tool in the fight against malware. However, educating consumers and businesses on taking action to minimise their risk is also critical. To learn more about malware, and how to reduce your risk, check out the ACMA’s malware video.