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28 August, 2013 04:23 PM


Watch and learn: launching our new C & P guide

By Editor


Are you involved in producing kids television? Check out our Guide to children’s television classification, a new resource to help you with the application process for C (children’s) and P (preschool) classification. 

There are no new rules in the guide but it’s a handy reference that explains how to properly interpret the classification criteria and clarifies the classification process.

To promote the guide and celebrate Australian-made children’s television, we recently hosted a Google Hangout to discuss emerging programming and production trends in kids TV. This online discussion featured some key Australian children’s television stakeholders, including Network Ten’s Cherrie Bottger, Suzanne Ryan from SLR Productions and Rebecca Mostyn from Screen Australia. 

Our website has more information about the C and P classification and application process, or contact us on if you’re thinking about lodging an application or have any feedback.