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23 April, 2014 10:02 AM


Aussies content with regional radio

By Editor

Video didn’t kill the radio star ... at least not in regional Australia! Despite the evolution of the digital age, commercial radio remains one of the most popular sources of local news and information for Australians living in regional areas.

The ACMA recently published a study examining how local content is received in regional Australia. Regional Australians’ access to local content revealed some interesting findings. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, local content is an important part of the lives of regional Australians—nine out of 10 Aussies living outside the capital cities rate local content as being important or very important. 

Over 95 per cent of regional residents seek out local content and information from various media sources. This content includes local news and weather, community events and local sport.

It makes sense really—Melbourne weather isn’t the most important topic when you live in Moe! 

What may be a surprise is that—even in today’s digital age—it’s radio that remains one of the most popular sources of local content in regional areas. Of those seeking local content, 78 per cent of respondents access it through commercial radio. This is on par with commercial television and easily higher than online sources. Only local newspapers are more readily used as a source of local content.

The reputation of regional commercial radio as a good source of local content in regional Australia is understandable—it’s easy to access and reliable, and the 211 regional commercial radio stations know how important local content is to their residents.

In 2012–13, the regional commercial radio industry achieved almost 100 per cent compliance with all local content obligations. This continues the trend of very high compliance since local content requirements for radio (including additional protections for services affected by a trigger event) were introduced in 2007.

So, wherever you are—in the car, in the kitchen or out in the paddock—know that you’re not the only one listening to radio content that is relevant to you and your local area.