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02 June, 2015 01:32 PM

ACMA buzz

Why your business needs a content calendar

By Louise Tapsell

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Now you’ve taken the time to draw up a social media plan for your business (not there yet? See these five tips to get started), it’s time to create a social media content calendar.

A calendar will save you time and, once you’re organised, will make planning your social media a whole lot easier! It’s also a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

OK, but where do I begin?

Depending on your business, and what channels you’ve decided to use, the content calendar may vary. Here at the ACMA, we have a spreadsheet outlining activity for each day. If you’re just on Facebook and want to post twice a week and not plan activity for each day, you could create a weekly calendar.

The following example shows what kind of fields to include—just add or remove fields depending on your business:

Social Media Calendar Table jpg 

How can I integrate social analytics into my calendar?

Depending on the frequency of your content, you could add a column at the end of the above example to include analytics. This allows you to use the data you get from Facebook, Twitter or Google analytics to make a note of what worked, what drove the most traffic to your site or resulted in purchases. This will also allow you to capitalise on a good idea and help you shape content for the future.

What ideas bring on interesting content?

Take a look at your calendar—what events are coming up for your business or industry? What’s on at a state or national level that may be of interest to your customers and/or business? What needs or problems do your customers have? Ask yourself these questions and plan content for the answers.

What goals can you set per week or per month? Could you develop a monthly blog or weekly image post? Setting goals will keep your content consistent and create a reason for people to follow you. 

Don’t forget to also make the content calendar visible to the whole marketing team. This makes social content a priority for everyone and may spark ideas for future campaigns.  

A content calendar may seem like a lot of effort at first, but stick with it and you’ll find it’s easier to produce consistent, interesting content.

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