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09 December, 2013 04:11 PM

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Our digital life

By Editor

Source: ACMA Communications report 2012–13. Note: Figures relating to growth are year-on-year change unless otherwise indicated. We mix ‘n match … seamlessly: 62% use 5 or more separate communications services, 39% use 4 or more devices to access the internet, 23% use 3, 63% of mobile phone internet users have a fixed-line home internet service Our use is intense: 676, 898 terabytes of data downloaded during June quarter 2013—up 59%, 93% of downloads over fixed-broadband, Average of 107.9 gigabytes of data downloaded per fixed-line broadband user for June quarter 2013 that’s 110,489 e-books or 13,658 songs or 52 movies or 65 days of Spotify, 10.81m go online more than once a day—up 72% in last 5 years, 43% do 5 or more activities, 80% bank and pay bills, 65% buy and sell, 65% access news, 14m access cloud services—up 11%, 193% increase in e-commerce revenue in last 5 years to $237b   We go over-the-top!: 1.06m users of OTT VoIP on mobiles—up 73%, 966,000 OTT VoIP users on tablets—up 150%, Users of online video content services—up 52%  Aussies are mobile!: Mobiles are the most used communications device: 53% of the total adult population3.68m or 21% of the total adult population are mobile-only— up 18%, 11.19m smartphone users—up 29%, 7.5m accessed internet on mobiles during June 2013—up 33% Our digital life http://acma.gov.au/commsreport ACMA logo