End to end network performance ACIF C519:2004 | ACMA

End to end network performance ACIF C519:2004


Industry body responsible

The Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF)

Section of industry to which code relates

This code applies to all carriers and carriage service providers that supply a standard telephone service across:

  • public fixed telecommunications network; or
  • public digital mobile telecommunications networks.

Date of registration  

12 August 2004

Objectives of the code

This Code specifies minimum levels of performance for the end-to-end carriage of the standard telephone service over public telecommunication networks. The Code provides visible and specific criteria through which end-to-end network performance can be assessed. Compliance with this Code is demonstrated by self-attestation (i.e. self-verification and declaration)  for both connectivity and transmission parameters.

Accessing the code  

Last updated: 20 June 2013