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Draft RPF performance assessment 2015–16


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Consultation closed: 21 October 2016

Consultation number: 22/2016

In finalising the RPF performance assessment 2015–16, the ACMA has considered all comments received from stakeholders. The RPF performance assessment 2015–16 was published in December 2016 (Word 4.11 MB, PDF 1.42 MB).


This consultation is now closed. The ACMA received 11 submissions from:


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Draft RPF performance assessment 2015–16

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RPF stakeholder consultation form


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Performance assessment 2015–16

This is the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (the ACMA’s) first performance assessment report under the RPF covering performance over the 2015–16 financial year.

This draft report demonstrates our performance in satisfying the requirements of the six RPF key performance indicators (KPIs).

The RPF requires regulators to seek stakeholder validation of their performance assessments prior to finalising annual self-assessments. In the ACMA’s draft RPF performance assessment 2015–16, we have assessed our performance against the six RPF KPIs, and are currently consulting with stakeholders on our assessment. Stakeholders who have previously engaged with the ACMA on the implementation of the RPF have been invited to participate in the consultation via email.

How can I provide feedback?

To simplify the consultation process, each KPI within our draft RPF performance assessment report has its own set of questions and we refer you to these questions as you progress through the report. Your feedback can be provided using the RPF stakeholder consultation form (download from the box above) or you are welcome to provide a separate written document.

How to submit


Uploading consultation responses is most appropriate for longer, in-depth submissions. Electronic submissions in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format are preferred.

Please submit your document using our online upload form or email your submission to Regframe@acma.gov.au.

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Mail (post)

Please include the title of the consultation, section of the paper you are referring to and quote the consultation number in your submission.

Send to:
Executive Manager, Strategy and Research Branch
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Each submission should specify:

  • the name of the individual or organisation making the submission
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Mail submissions will be made public once the consultation period ends, unless they are confidential or deemed inappropriate by the ACMA. Read more about our publication of submissions and privacy.

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