Draft five-year spectrum outlook 2018−22 | ACMA

Draft five-year spectrum outlook 2018−22

Consultation closes: 29 June 2018

IFC: 12/2018 .

Outcome of this consultation

On 13 September 2018, the ACMA published the final 2018-22 FYSO. The submissions to the draft 2018-22 FYSO helped inform the final 2018-22 FYSO. You can also access previous editions of the FYSO.

The ACMA received 33 submissions to this consultation, of which two were made in-confidence. The public submissions can be accessed from the ‘Other submissions received’ tab in the right hand side index box.

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Consultation paper—Draft FYSO 2018-22

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Five-year spectrum outlook

The ACMA has consulted annually about its spectrum management priorities through its five-year spectrum outlook (FYSO) since 2008–09.

This is the first year the FYSO is being published according to a financial year reporting cycle. So, we are releasing the spectrum work program for comment, with a view to publishing the final version in Quarter 1 of the 2018–19 financial year. The timing of this consultation more closely reflects the Spectrum Review’s recommendation to prepare a spectrum work program, and aligns it with industry reporting cycles. This will enable us to seek your feedback on the draft FYSO before we finalise our annual spectrum work program.

In response to the feedback we received on last year’s work program, in this year’s FYSO, we have provided:

  • a summary work program so that key work streams, activities and proposed timelines for engagement can be more easily referenced
  • a holistic treatment of all major band (re)planning activities to support the establishment of new spectrum uses—this replaces the previous focus on replanning activities driven by the ACMA’s mobile broadband strategy
  • more comprehensive attention to the wide set of existing spectrum uses, where annual planning activity is directed to optimising use within existing regulatory frameworks
  • revised allocation scenarios in response to the strong feedback received
  • revised timing for the Spectrum Review implementation work, reflecting the ongoing development and drafting of the Radiocommunications Bill legislative reform package by the Department of Communications and the Arts (DoCA).

In Part 1 of the FYSO, we provide an overview of the technology, market, and policy drivers likely to shape the demand for, and supply of, spectrum over the next five years. In Part 2, we provide detailed information about the ACMA’s planned work priorities, with a focus on the 2018–19 financial year and beyond, where relevant to spectrum planning, forward allocation and Spectrum Review implementation, noting that each of these work streams reflect multi-year activities.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the draft 2018–22 FYSO, which we will use to inform our development of next year’s spectrum work program.

The ACMA is seeking your feedback by COB, Friday 29 June 2018.

Issues for comment

  • The 2018–22 FYSO includes a work program with activities and milestones for the 2018–19 financial year. It also updates progress on specific activities and milestones since the 2017–21 FYSO was released in October 2017.
  • The 2018–22 FYSO invites stakeholders to provide feedback to a number of questions throughout the document, which are listed below.

Opportunity to provide feedback

The ACMA welcomes comments from stakeholders on suggested improvements; technological developments and future spectrum demand; ACMA plans for monitoring, initial investigation, preliminary replanning and re-farming of bands; optimising established planning frameworks; forward allocations and scenarios; and planned activities for licensing and licensing systems, pricing, compliance and enforcement, and international engagement.

Please see the specific questions below, which are included within the 2018–22 FYSO. 

In addition, we welcome feedback on any other spectrum planning and management activities.

Issue 1
What further improvements could be made to the FYSO to make it easier for stakeholders to engage with the ACMA on its work program?
Issue 2
Are there other technology developments or sources of spectrum demand the ACMA should be aware of in considering spectrum management over the next five years?
Issue 3
Do you have any feedback on the ACMA’s plans for monitoring, initial investigation, preliminary replanning or re-farming of bands?
Issue 4
Do you have any feedback on optimising established planning frameworks?
Issue 5
Do you have any comments about the ACMA approach to the forward allocations, or the specific allocation scenarios?
Issue 6
Do you have any feedback on the ACMA’s approach to the Spectrum Review implementation?
Issue 7
Do you have any comments about the ACMA’s planned activities for licensing and licensing systems, pricing, compliance and enforcement, and international engagement?