Do Not Call crackdown: Lead My Way pays $285,600 | ACMA

Do Not Call crackdown: Lead My Way pays $285,600


Lead My Way Pty Ltd has paid an infringement notice for $285,600 after an ACMA investigation found that the business made telemarketing calls to numbers on the Do Not Call Register.

Lead My Way makes ‘lead generation’ telemarketing calls to consumers to gauge their interest in products and services, such as electricity, and then on-sells personal details as marketing ‘leads’.

The ACMA’s investigation identified that Lead My Way was not checking all numbers it called against the Do Not Call Register.

‘Consumers are fed up with telemarketing calls that they haven’t agreed to receive,’ said ACMA acting Chair, Creina Chapman.

‘It’s unacceptable for a business that relies on telemarketing to have insufficient compliance processes in place.’

‘Lead generators are on notice that the ACMA will take strong action against telemarketers that break the rules,’ said Ms Chapman.

‘It is also a timely reminder to any businesses that are buying ‘leads’ to make sure they comply with the law,’ Ms Chapman added.

Where businesses are found to be breaking Australia’s telemarketing laws, the ACMA can seek a civil penalty and/or injunctions from the Federal Court; give an infringement notice; accept a court enforceable undertaking; or issue a formal warning.

To register your number, or to make a complaint about telemarketing, go to or by call 1300 792 958.

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Media release 31/2018 - 27 September

Last updated: 26 September 2018