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Disclosures for overseas entities

09 June 2017

Annual reporting of disclosures of personal information for 2016-17 has now closed.

If you need to contact the ACMA regarding your annual report, please email disclosures@acma.gov.au

Who must complete a disclosures report?

Carriers, carriage service providers (CSPs), internet service providers (ISPs) and number-database operators must complete the form below.

Why must a disclosures report be submitted?

Sections 306 and 306A of the Telecommunications Act 1997 (the Telecommunications Act) require carriers, CSPs, and number-database operators to make and retain records of disclosures that are authorised under particular provisions of Part 13 of the Telecommunications Act or Chapter 4 of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 (TIA Act).

Under section 308 of the Telecommunications Act, carriers, CSPs or number-database operators are required to provide the ACMA with a written report (setting out such information as ACMA requires) relating to the disclosure of records.

What is the timeframe for submitting a disclosures report?

This report is required under law to be provided to ACMA within 2 months after the end of the financial year (before 1 September). The ACMA is then required to report, under section 57(2)(f) of the Australian Communications and Media Authority Act 2005, on these disclosures to the Minister for Communications, as soon as practicable after the end of the financial year.

The form below should be completed and submitted to the ACMA by 31 August 2017.

How do I complete the form?

In completing the form, the term 'Officer name' refers to a person of the organisation authorised to speak on behalf of the organisation about the data if required.

The form below contains the list of provisions ('categories of disclosure') for which the ACMA requires a numerical value. Please refer to the following table for details.

A response is requested even if no disclosures have been made, simply enter ‘0’ under each category of disclosure.

Where can I find more information about disclosures?

More information about these obligations can be found in the relevant ACMA Disclosure requirements under Part 13 of the Telecommunications Act, the Telecommunications Act and the TIA Act.
Note: The Australian Information Commissioner has the power to monitor compliance with the record-keeping requirements contained within Part 13 under section 309 of the Telecommunications Act. Further information on maintaining records of disclosures can be found on the OAIC website.

Overseas entity—Carrier/Provider/Operator details for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017

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Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979
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