Smith Institute to verify auction results | ACMA

Smith Institute to verify auction results

The ACMA has engaged the Smith Institute Ltd to provide auction outcome verification and related services for the digital dividend auction.

In the lead-up to the auction, the Smith Institute will vigorously test the performance of the auction software, which has been designed by the ACMA's auction system provider, Power Auctions. This will involve a comprehensive suite of test cases to check that the software correctly implements the auction rules and accurately identifies winning bidders and prices. The Smith Institute will independently design its own solver for this purpose.

For the auction itself, the Smith Institute will use its solver to process the actual bid data to verify that the winning bidders and winning prices determined by the auction software are correct.

The Smith Institute

Based in the United Kingdom, the Smith Institute has extensive experience in supporting regulators in the auction of spectrum using the combinatorial clock auction methodology. Its work in this area includes providing auction verification services to the UK's Ofcom, BAKOM in Switzerland and RTR in Austria.

Last updated: 08 March 2013