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Gold for 'Be Deadly Online'

Cybersmart’s Be Deadly Online cybersafety education program for Indigenous communities has won a Gold Medal at the WorldMediaFestival in Hamburg, the premier media festival in Europe. 

Be Deadly Online tackles cyberbullying, sexting and digital footprint management, responding to Indigenous community leaders’ concerns. The impact of social media on family and community relationships and on young people themselves is a serious issue in many communities, and the program offers positive, practical advice about playing smart online.

The series of three Be Deadly Online animations won in the category of General Education. It was one of more than 700 entries from 36 countries.

‘This award confirms that while it portrays some tough aspects of online behaviour in Indigenous communities, Be Deadly Online is a fun and effective way to get an important message across,’ said ACMA Deputy Chairman and cybersafety spokesman, Richard Bean.

‘Cyberbullying, sexting and digital footprint issues don’t just affect the victim—they can have a significant effect on whole communities. Be Deadly Online explores the impact of these behaviours through characters and a storyline that young people can relate to, in a medium that will reach them,’ he added.

‘This is about community taking control rather than us imposing a one-size-fits-all solution. Be Deadly Online has been created by and for Indigenous communities across Australia and the ACMA is proud to be part of a positive way forward with cybersafety education.

Since the launch of Be Deadly Online on Friday 11 April, 2014, Cybersmart has been inundated with requests for the program. The Be Deadly Online animations are supported with posters, a behind-the-scenes ‘making-of’ video and educational resources. To access Be Deadly Online, visit

The WorldMediaFestival honours and celebrates excellence in film, television, web, webTV and print productions on an international scale. The ACMA also won gold in 2012 for its cyberbullying short film, Tagged. 

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Last updated: 15 April 2016