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Consumer and community advice

The ACMA's role is to ensure the community is well informed about the communications products and services available to them. Use the links below to find consumer and community advice in the areas of broadcasting, the internet, telecommunications, and radiofrequency spectrum.

  • Consumer alerts - Information relating to ACMA consumer alerts
  • Avoiding scams - Consumer information about scams
  • Digital media literacy - The ACMA's role in the provision of information and advice to the community about communications matters and administration of a range of consumer protection measures
  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) & safety - Information for consumers, including a booklet and contact details
  • Services in regional areas - Information about communications services in regional areas
  • Visitors to Australia - The rules and regulations for bringing communications equipment to Australia



  • Choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISPs) - Things to think about when choosing and ISP
  • Getting the best connection - Things to consider before connecting to the internet
    • Internet quality of service - General information about the Internet
    • Internet technology guides - Useful guides to help with technical issues
  • Staying safe online - Advice for ditigal citizens
  • The ACMA hotline - Combating online child abuse


  • Choosing products & services - Things to consider before choosing a phone or mobile service
    • Internet calls (VoIP) - Making phone calls over the internet
    • Phone cards - Pre-paid and post-paid phone cards for mobiles and land lines
    • Numbers & charges - Phonewords and charges for calls to 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers
  • Your rights & safeguards - Access to standard telephone services for all Australians
    • Access to services - The satellite phone subsidy scheme
    • Safety, privacy & security - Information on unwanted calls, caller display and child safety tips
    • Directory assistance & associated services - Operator assisted calls (national and international)
    • Essential & emergency services - Phone numbers and information about emergency call services
    • Mobile premium services fact sheet - Information about mobile premium services
    • Mobile premium services FAQ - Frequently asked questions about mobile premium services
    • Consumer Consultative Forum (CCF) including the members only website (Consumer Consultative Forum Members Page) and ACCAN (the new consumer consultative body)
    • The ACMA Communications Reports - ACMA's report providing an overview on the performance of the communications industry
    • ACMAsphere editions - The ACMA's monthly newsletter
    • Universal Service Obligation (USO) - The USO is the obligation placed on universal service providers to ensure that standard telephone services, payphones and prescribed carriage services are reasonably accessible to all people in Australia
      • Services provided under the USO
    • Internet Service Providers (ISP) and online content for the public and for industry
    • Voice over Internet Provider (VoIP) - VoIP telephone services are provided by carriers and carriage service providers (CSPs) that use telecommunications networks to supply communications services to the public
    • Network Reliability Framework (NRF) - The NRF is a safeguard for Telstra's residential and small business customers who have five lines or less
    • Network regulation - ACMA regulates telecommunications networks through a series of codes
    • Telecommunications service inquiries - The ACMA reports from special inquiries
  • Wireless & cabling requirements - WLAN and cabling information
    • Wireless LANs - Licence requirements and general information
    • Phone & alarm cabling - Phone and alarm cabling and complaint handling
  • Equipment standards & labelling - Self regulated arrangements with industry

Radiofrequency spectrum

Last updated: 17 December 2012