CommsDay Summit 2012 opening remarks – speeches | ACMA

CommsDay Summit 2012 opening remarks – speeches

On 18 April 2012, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (The ACMA) Chairman Chris Chapman gave a speech at the CommsDay Summit in Sydney. This page contains links to a transcript and the presentation notes of the speech, which provided an overview of current key activities and interests of the ACMA including:

  1. the Digital Dividend auction and the restack process arising from the rollout of digital television

  2. the l necessity to reset the telecommunications industry customer service and complaints-handling performance

  3. the issues for industry and regulators arising from Phase 2 of the NBN

  4. and the compelling necessity to much better educate Australian citizens and consumers about both the opportunities of the digital economy and the threats in the online world.

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Last updated: 24 May 2017