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We’re all in this together: Safer Internet Day 2014

It’s back to school time, and Cybersmart is encouraging all Australian schools and families to celebrate today’s Safer Internet Day 2014. The theme for the international day this year is ‘let’s create a better internet together’.

‘Safer Internet Day is the opportunity to put the focus on online safety at the start of the school year,’ said Australian Communications and Media Authority Deputy Chairman, Richard Bean. ‘The resources Cybersmart is providing for the day allow everyone to participate and showcase Australia’s practical online safety material to the world.’

Held in more than 90 countries and this year celebrating its 11th anniversary, Safer Internet Day is recognised across Europe, North America, South America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Cybersmart will be in schools across Australia, hosting a range of activities to encourage awareness and education about online safety. Over 20,000 students will be participating in virtual classrooms conducted by Cybersmart Outreach trainers together with State Education departments across the country.

Another 500 students will participate in Cybersmart Challenge activities, which empower students to make informed decisions about cybersafety issues through a real time, interactive, online education platform. And new lesson plans and activities will be available to teachers to use on the day with their students, ensuring they are ‘cyberfit’ for the 2014 school year.

Also launched today is Cybersmart’s new online program for parents, called Chatterbox. Chatterbox consists of a series of downloadable conversations with cybersafety experts that can be accessed at home or on-the-go on a mobile device. Parents are encouraged to take part in the conversation via an online discussion forum, and to ask questions and share stories with other parents.

Screen savers, blogs, and a poster are also available from the Cybersmart website to help schools, families and communities celebrate Safer Internet Day.

To help make the internet a safer place for all Australians the ACMA is also investigates illegal and offensive material that families and individuals may encounter online. Visit the ACMA’s Hotline to report illegal and offensive online content.

Online safety is a key issue for the Australian Government, which has recently released a discussion paper outlining a range of initiatives to combat cyberbullying and enhance children’s’ online experiences. View the paper and have your say by 7 March 2014.

To access resources or for more information about Safer Internet Day 2014, visit here. You can also check out Cybersmart’s 2013 report card.

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