Chair’s speech to ITUGSR 2018 | ACMA

Chair’s speech to ITUGSR 2018


Setting the stage: The Importance of the Security Aspect for AI and IoT
Nerida O'Loughlin, ACMA Chair
9 July 2018, Geneva

Thank you for the invitation to speak today.

Each new generation of technology brings with it opportunities and challenges.

Australians have earned a reputation for being early adopters of each new wave of communication innovations. In the Australian market, our latest figures from 2016–17 show that nine out of 10 of households are connected to the internet. Eight in 10 Australians own a smartphone. Data downloads increased by 43 per cent between the June 16 and June 17 quarters to 3.1 million terabytes.

So clearly, the communications sector is now central to the work, home and social lives of all Australians.

It is also clear that expectations of the sector are only likely to increase.

This symposium is a timely opportunity to reflect on how we can deal with the challenges we collectively face in regulating the fast-moving communications environment.

In Australia, we are already planning for the roll out of 5G services (including the forthcoming auction of the 3.6 GHz band).

The promise that 5G will accelerate a ‘fourth industrial revolution’—already underway through the IoT—and be able to deliver to sectors including health, transport and agriculture, are all contributing to the unprecedented government-wide attention being paid to 5G.

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Last updated: 08 August 2018