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Welcome from the Chairman

Welcome to the Five-year spectrum 0utlook 2013–2017. The Outlook reflects the ACMA’s dedication and commitment to ongoing consultation and partnership with industry, Australian citizens, government and our international colleagues in this important space.

This edition sets out the ACMA’s consideration of current and future spectrum needs across the range of frequency bands and radiocommunications services. It continues to be shaped by our ongoing experiences, observations and evaluation of the spectrum environment, both within Australia and across the global stage.

The Outlook articulates the framework for the ACMA’s pursuit of our spectrum reform and review agenda. It details our spectrum work program over the short term and presents a horizon scan of some of our longer term projects.

The 2012–13 year saw the ACMA delivering on a number of key spectrum initiatives, including the reallocation of the digital dividend spectrum, establishing new arrangements for both the 2.5 GHz and 400 MHz bands, and an extensive work program to manage the first tranche of expiring spectrum licences.

This edition of the Outlook shows the ACMA’s spotlight shifting to the ever-increasing demand for radiofrequency spectrum to enable participation in the digital economy. Businesses are increasingly deploying wireless devices and platforms both in response to consumer behaviour and to take advantage of the opportunities for conducting business in new or innovative ways. The ACMA continues to critically evaluate demand for spectrum across all sectors to better understand the complex and dynamic interaction of social, economic and technical factors that drive spectrum requirements.

The Outlook confirms the ACMA’s recognition of the role it needs to play in leading the evolution of the regulatory framework and the associated spectrum tools to promote efficient and effective allocation of spectrum and, increasingly, an effective sharing of that very spectrum. The ACMA intends to sustain and further build its capability in understanding the complex nature of spectrum demand and reconciling this demand with spectrum requirements for both new and existing services. The ACMA is determined to continue its role as a thought leader in this space, and particularly in objectively examining how regulatory measures and new technologies can improve management of Australia’s airwaves.

This edition has been informed by responses to the 2012–2016 Outlook. We encourage you to provide your views on our anticipated priorities and work program set out in this Outlook by emailing spectrumoutlook@acma.gov.au. Comments received will help inform the ACMA’s management of the radiofrequency spectrum moving forward through the 2013–2017 period and the 2014–2018 Outlook. Your feedback will assist us in delivering our strategic goal: To make communications and media work in Australia’s public interest.



In developing this edition of the Outlook, the ACMA gratefully acknowledges the input provided, in response to the previous Outlook, by the following individuals, organisations, government agencies and their staff, and please find below their submissions to the 2012 to 2016 outlook.

>    Alan Hughes

>    Australian Broadcasting Association

>    Australian Maritime Safety Authority

>    Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association

>    Australian Subscription Television Association (ASTRA)

>    Department of Defence

>    FE Technologies

>    Flister BV

>    Foxtel

>    Free TV Australia

>    Garth Power

>    Global VSAT Forum

>    Inmarsat

>    Motorola Solutions

>    NewSat Limited

>    O3b Limited

>    Telstra Corporation Limited

Last updated: 12 May 2016