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BOP: Restriction on earth station apparatus licensing

Important Note: Accredited Persons must read the Disclaimer in conjunction with the procedures set out below.

Business operating procedure - Restriction on apparatus licensing of earth stations in the vicinity of Alice Springs, Northern Territory


This business operating procedure (BOP) outlines restrictions that apply to the licensing of earth stations in the vicinity of Alice Springs, Northern Territory. This requirement stems from the need to protect certain radiofrequency spectrum use. The basis for the restriction is security classified, so the reasons are not available for publication.

Restriction details

The restriction applies to the apparatus licensing of earth stations including earth receive stations within 750 kilometres of Alice Springs, having a parabolic antenna with diameter of 4.5 metres or greater.

The restriction does not apply to stations authorised to operate under the Radiocommunications (Communications with Space Object) Class Licence 1998.

For the purposes of this advice, the location of Alice Springs is taken to be at latitude 23° 42' 17" south and longitude 133° 52' 19" east when referenced to the Australian Geodetic Datum 1966 (AGD66).

A spatial representation of the restriction area is available in shapefile and placemark format.

Note: Placemark data can be displayed by various software packages including Google Earth. Shapefiles are a widely supported spatial format used by geographic information systems (GIS) software.

The restriction area data supplied in shapefile format uses GDA94 geographic coordinates.

The KML specifications mandate the use of the WGS84 geographic coordinates. For the data supplied in placemark format, GDA94 coordinates are used. These coordinates are deemed to be sufficiently accurate substitutes for WGS84 coordinates in accordance with the current advice of the Inter-governmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM).

Where to send applications

Applications to licence earth stations captured by the restriction should be directed to:

Executive Manager
Spectrum Infrastructure Branch
Australian Communications and Media Authority
PO Box 78
Belconnen ACT 2616

Further information

Please contact the Spectrum Engineering Section.

Amendment History

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22 January 2004



16 February 2004

Amendment re antennas


16 June 2005

Changed ACA to ACMA


15 October 2007

Update and review

6 June 2012

Review and updated with spatial information

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