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Body scanners class licence

The Radiocommunications (Body Scanning – Aviation Security) Class Licence 2018 authorises the use of body scanners at Australian airports for security screening processes. The class licence replaces the previous apparatus licensing arrangements applicable to body scanners used at international airports.

What is a body scanner?

A body scanner is a security screening device that uses millimetre-wave radiofrequency technology to detect metallic and non-metallic items and substances on a person.

Where is the operation of body scanners authorised?

The class licence authorises operation of body scanners at security controlled airports in Australia. Airports may be declared to be security controlled airports under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 (ATS Act). Gazette notices of declarations of security controlled airports are published on the Federal Register of Legislation.

Who can operate a body scanner?

Under the class licence, a body scanner may be operated by the following authorised persons:

The class licence authorises RTOs, providing training for current or prospective screening officers as part of a VET course, to operate a body scanner at a security controlled airport, as long as the RTO has a written agreement with a screening authority that requires them to provide that training.

Conditions of operation

The class licence details the specific conditions that govern the operation of the body scanner. The following conditions also apply:

Body scanner operators are required to comply with any requirements under the aviation security regulatory framework, administered by the Department of Home Affairs.


A body scanner operated under the class licence will operate in parts of the radiofrequency spectrum expected to be used by other radiocommunications devices.  A radiocommunications receiver tuned to the body scanner’s radiocommunications transmitter will not be afforded protection from interference caused by other radiocommunications devices.

Further information

View the ACMA’s public consultation on the class licence.

Further information about aviation security screening can be found at the Department of Home Affairs.

Last updated: 07 December 2018