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Bills for telecommunications customers


You will usually receive bills from to your telephone or internet service provider.

However, a provider may not be required to issue a bill to you if:-

  • you pay by direct debit;
  • you pay a fixed amount each month
  • the service provider's terms and conditions explain that a bill won't be issued if the amount payable for the billing month is no more than ten per cent above the fixed amount you usually pay, and
  • it obtains your consent to the higher charges and explains how you can make an enquiry.

Service providers are not required to issue bills for pre-paid services.

If your service provider must provide you with a bill, it can do so by any format that you can store and reproduce. These formats may include:


  • paper bill in the post
  • e-mail
  • online.



If your service provider makes the bill available to you in an electronic form, it must offer at least one free method of accessing that information.


Your provider can change the way it provides you with bills, but it must inform you about the change and any options available to you. For example, it may offer to provide you with your preferred form of bill – such as paper - at an additional cost.


Last updated: 23 November 2016