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Avoiding high bills in Australia

Receiving unexpected high bills, also known as bill shock', may occur when people access the internet through next-generation devices including 3G and 4G smart phones and tablets. You can also experience unexpected high bills from excessive telephone calls and SMS messages.

Simple ways to avoid bill shock include:

  • Understand how much data you are using or will need in future
  • Understand how many calls you make or SMS you send
  • Beware of purchasing too many apps, in-app purchases or mobile premium services
  • Take note of any spend management alerts you receive from your provider
  • Log into your provider's online portal to monitor your use
  • Enquire about other spend management tools the provider may offer
  • Understand the extra charges that may apply when your monthly limits are exceeded.
  • Talk with your provider about how you can restrict access to your services by other people in your household, through security tools such as passwords and restrictions on access to high-cost services, such as international calls and mobile premium services.
  • Consider using of pre-paid products.

If you receive an unexpectedly high bill, you may wish to seek assistance from your provider.

Last updated: 22 February 2017