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New website features

The new site will significantly improve the quality of our public engagement with citizens and stakeholders.

Reflects the best of modern digital thinking, web design, public engagement and the latest online features:

  • available in special formats on mobiles, tablets, pc’s
  • keyboard or touch driven
  • intuitive design highlights the most sought-after materials
  • easy-to-find format for seamless navigation
  • single screen, highly graphical design gives single view of content
  • simple home page portal to quickly get users to areas they want
  • created new zone for citizen and consumer features and content
  • industry zone broken down into specialist sectors e.g. broadcasting
  • powerful always-on smartsearch facility that allows user to easily drill down
  • featured menus to guide users to specialist areas and highlights
  • variety of content types including blogs, video, tweets, webcasts, newsletters
  • built in social media interaction through comments and other SM conversations
  • all shareable through RSS and in major social media networks
  • popular topics, quicks links and fat footer links to improve accessibility

    More than just a new website:


    • rethink of how we engage with users
    • content is organised how users want it
    • popular content has been curated to make it accessible to as many users possible
    • new consultation engine to help users easily feed back to the ACMA on issues which matter to them (to be released shortly)
    • powerful new taxonomy that  makes our content “intelligent” and usable in many places by us and outside users
    • strong analytics and engagement tools to help ACMA better service users
    • all out of one publishing system, so with a small team ACMA can produce a major enterprise site to multiple environments.
    • easy to use production system means business areas can publish directly, empowering  the whole organisation to engage with users and understand their needs and requirements better.



    Last updated: 15 March 2017