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Auction summary – 2300 MHz Multipoint distribution station – 1995




Auction date

May and June 1995 (regional areas)

Amount raised

$10.3 m (includes $4,350 from a minor remote area auction)

Licence end date

24 July 2015 (of spectrum licences issued following conversion)

The second 2300 MHz Multipoint Distribution Station auction was for MDS licences in 18 regional areas throughout Australia, largely based on previous or existing regional terrestrial commercial television areas. The regional Australia allocation took place in May and June 1995 and a total of $10.2 million was received in bids. In September 1996, a total of 87 apparatus licences, of 5 years duration, were made available for allocation in the remote areas of Carnarvon, Karratha, Port Hedland, Newman and Broome.

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* Note: Spectrum licensees for converted MDS B band only – original MDS A band apparatus licences were not renewed after 2004

Spectrum details

Band details

A band 2076-2111 MHz (unpaired)
B band 2300-2400 MHz (unpaired)
2302-2400 MHz later designated for spectrum licensing

Licence types

Apparatus licences prior to 2000
Band B spectrum licensed since 2000

Previous use

Some Multipoint Distribution Station excluding pay TV use, space operations and research.

Licence period

5 years for apparatus licences, 15 years for spectrum licences.

Auction details

Type of allocation

Price based allocation of apparatus licences under s106 of the Act followed by conversion of band B licences to spectrum licences under ss36, 38 and 60 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992.

Method of sale 

Open outcry auctions.
A simultaneous multiple round auction was planned for the sale lots on Norfolk Isl. and Alice Springs but there was insufficient interest to run the auction.

Competition limits

There were no limits placed upon bidders’ entry into the auction nor any limits paced upon bidders in the auction

Legal instruments



Winning Bid Amounts

Auldana Beach Pty Ltd


Carryton Pty Ltd


CFM Television Pty Ltd


Chippawa Pty Ltd


Cleanthis Pilakis


Corel Pty Ltd


Dovevale Pty Ltd


Grovern Pty Ltd


Ilona Investments Pty Ltd


Jacolyn Pty Ltd


Kidillia Pty Ltd


Lystervale Pty Ltd


Newcastle Microwave Pty Ltd


Palara Vale Pty Ltd


Sonic Enterprises Pty Ltd 


Stone Harbor Pty Ltd


Vermint Grove Pty Ltd


Wollongong Microwave Pty Ltd


Xtek Bay Pty Ltd


Yanover Pty Ltd





See MDS Auction 1994

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