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Arranging to transfer a phone or internet service

Before you change providers, you might want to compare what’s on offer from other providers.

Get advice from prospective new service providers on the technical and practical requirements involved in changing service providers. You may need to purchase new equipment to get your service to work. There may also be costs of a technician to install equipment on your premises in order to connect your service. You may also be offered equipment or required installation as part of a long term contract, so consider whether this will suit your needs.

There may be certain equipment that is configured to work with a particular retail service provider, such as mobile phone handsets. Therefore, if you change providers, certain equipment may not work and may need to be replaced. You should speak to your new provider about the installation process and equipment to make the service work for you.

If the NBN has come to your area, you might also want to compare what’s on offer. If you want to change to another service provider, the gaining service provider must obtain consent from you before a telecommunications service can be transferred from the existing service provider.

Consent means you have agreed to transfer your service to a new provider, after the new provider has provided you with the following information:

  • confirmation that you are entering into a new customer contract
  • the details of the service being transferred
  • the identity of the gaining service provider
  • information about any service interruption during the transfer process
  • whether equipment is compatible with the new service
  • terms and conditions concerning any equipment purchased from the new provider for use with the service
  • the possibility of penalties or cancellation fees to be paid to the existing provider for early termination of an existing contract.

You may need to contact your existing provider to enquire about any charges for early termination of your existing contract.

The new provider must give you an indication of when the transfer will take place, including any delays due to a cooling off period.

The new provider must make reasonable efforts to notify you of the completion of the transfer on the same day it occurs. If this is not possible despite reasonable efforts, the new provider must notify you within five working days.

You may request copies of the transfer records in either written or electronic format from the new provider any time within 2 years from the completion of the transfer.

Your existing provider may propose to transfer your telecommunications service to another provider, or to remain your provider but using a different network. If existing provider proposes to transfer your telecommunications service to another provider as a result of a sale of its business or a corporate re-organisation, it must provide the following information:-

  • details on how your telecommunications service may be materially affected by the transfer e.g. the service features, characteristics or pricing
  • any impact on your use of existing equipment
  • contact details of the new provider
  • the proposed completion date of transfer
  • contact details for lodging an enquiry or complaint about the transfer
  • your rights to terminate the contract, including the notice period and any contract termination charges applicable if you choose not to agree to the proposed transfer.

The new provider must give you contact details so that you can enquire or complain about the transfer process.

If you remain dissatisfied after dealing with your new provider, you can make a complaint or contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).


Last updated: 10 June 2015