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Applicant information package: 700 MHz spectrum—unsold lots auction

In early April 2017, the ACMA intends to conduct a spectrum auction to allocate 2 x 15 MHz of 700 MHz spectrum in frequency ranges 733–748 MHz and 788–803 MHz. This spectrum, referred to as the unsold lots, remained unallocated after the 2013 digital dividend auction, during which spectrum in the frequency ranges 703–748 MHz and 758–803 MHz was offered for allocation.  

The ACMA has now released the applicant information package (AIP) for the upcoming auction for the unsold lots. The auction is referred to as the 700 MHz spectrum—unsold lots auction. The AIP includes information outlined in section 27 of the Radiocommunications (Spectrum Licence Allocation – 700 MHz Band) Determination 2016.

The AIP comprises a detailed auction guide, relevant legislative instruments and accompanying explanatory statements and the auction forms booklet. It also provides information on how to lodge auction documents and make relevant payments to the ACMA. 

The ACMA invites interested parties to consider the information provided and apply to participate in the auction. The closing date for applications is February 13, 2017.

Questions about the auction or further information on how to participate can be directed to the 700 MHz band Auction Manager via email at

Further information on the unsold lots auction can be found in the auction guide as well as the media release in the below table.





Auction guide

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Auction forms booklet


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Form 1: Application form (editable version)


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Form 6: Deed of financial security (editable version)


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Form 8: Preference nomination form (editable version)


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Media release



Last updated: 29 November 2017