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ACMA reveals telco customer service performance


Australia’s five largest telcos have reported to the Australian Communications and Media Authority on their customer service performance for 2017–18.

‘We’re shining a light on how the big telcos deal with customer enquiries,’ said ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin.

The five telcos reported on issues such as the time taken to resolve customer enquiries, and how often enquiries were resolved on first contact.  

Under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code, telecommunications companies are required to ensure customer service enquiries are dealt with in a timely and effective manner, including keeping average wait times to a minimum, and aiming to resolve customer service enquiries at the first contact.

‘We consider telcos can be doing more to give their customers a consistently good customer service experience,’ said Ms O’Loughlin. ‘The data indicates  telcos have different priorities — some have a high rate of first contact resolution but at the same time have relatively long call wait times.’

The information collected highlights that in 2017–18:

  • the five telcos received more than 88 million enquiries from customers
  • the average amount of time consumers waited to speak to their telco ranged from 51 seconds to more than 4 minutes
  • depending on the telco, between 60 per cent and 86 per cent of enquiries were resolved on first contact
  • enquiries received by phone fell from quarter to quarter, while webchat enquiries increased.

‘It is clear some consumers are waiting too long for their calls to be answered. In fact, some consumers are abandoning their calls before they can speak to anyone about their issues. And those who do get through don’t always have their issue resolved at first contact,’ said Ms O’Loughlin.

This is the first time the ACMA has received customer service performance data about call waiting times and abandonment rates. This data is one part of the suite of data the ACMA collects to monitor the telco consumer experience.

Further details on the 2017–18 telco customer service data can be found on the ACMA’s website.

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Media release 2/2019 - 11 February

Last updated: 10 February 2019