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Protect your mobile money this Christmas

ACMA media release 133/2011 – 13 December

If you use your mobile phone to buy presents, pay bills or do banking this Christmas, make sure you protect your phone like your wallet.

The ACMA has been working with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) to educate shoppers on how to keep their mobile phone transactions safe.

Here are the essential 'Pay it safe' tips to secure your 'mobile wallet' i.e. when you use your phone to pay bills:


  • the network is secure-use mobile networks rather than unsecured wireless
  • the site is authentic-a smaller screen can make it hard to identify fake sites
  • phone and bank statements for unusual charges


  • treat your phone as you would cash or your computer-don't leave it lying around
  • keep your details confidential-including your online and handset passwords and credit card details
  • turn on security features such as your handset PIN and account passwords

For more information on online banking and shopping via your mobile, go to ASIC's MoneySmart website or the ACMA's Smartphone User Information guide.

The ACMA's recently published report E-commerce marketplace in Australia: Online shopping, reveals that Australian consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones to make financial transactions online.

According to the report, nearly one in five Australians had used their mobiles for online banking and three per cent had purchased products and services online via their mobile. This number is set to grow with the number of smartphones being bought this Christmas.

Read more about the development of m-commerce and e-commerce in Australia as well as  changing consumer preferences and behaviours in the ACMA Communications report 2010-11 series.

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