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Consultation on the Configuration and Allocation of Digital Dividend Spectrum

ACMA Issues for Comment - 34/2010

From 20 October 2010 until 6 December 2010, the Australian Communications and Media Authority held its first major public consultation on allocating the digital dividend spectrum (the '700 MHz band'). The consultation was launched with the release of a public discussion paper, Spectrum Reallocation in the 700 MHz 'Digital Dividend' Band. This discussion paper can be downloaded in PDF (534 kb) or Word (724 kb) format.

The paper highlighted key issues that will influence the ACMA's decisions about band configuration, licence design and the method of allocating the 700 MHz band. Significant background information, such as the digital dividend allocation process and details of the ongoing and closely related work on digital switchover and digital TV restack, gave context to the issues raised by the paper.

This consultation is now closed and the public submissions are available below. The ACMA will take the comments received into account in developing its approach to configuring and allocating the digital dividend spectrum.

Spectrum Tune-Up

The ACMA held a Digital Dividend Spectrum Tune-Up to coincide with the discussion paper consultation. This public forum gave stakeholders the opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of the issues raised in the discussion paper and provided another avenue to give feedback to the ACMA about the digital dividend allocation.

More information on the Digital Dividend Spectrum Tune-Up, including the presentations and audio recordings can be found on the ACMA website.

Submissions received

The ACMA received 45 public and confidential submissions in this consultation. The public submissions are listed below in alphabetical order.

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