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ACMA focus on the NBN customer experience


The rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) has accelerated rapidly over the past 12 months. Retail Service Providers (RSPs) now provide more than 2.5 million premises with an NBN service across fixed line, fixed wireless and satellite technologies and over 5.7 million premises are now ready for service on the NBN.

To date, the ACMA has supported the NBN rollout by:

  • planning and allocating spectrum and licences for satellite and fixed wireless services
  • making and/or registering rules about technical matters (for example, the NBN Access Transfer Code)
  • providing information about the NBN via our website
  • prioritising TCP Code compliance work that has an NBN context.

As the number of consumers migrating to the NBN has increased, so too has the number of reports of consumer problems. Reported problems include issues around connection to the NBN and subsequent faults and performance issues.

A clear and comprehensive set of information is needed to achieve a better understanding of the type, incidence and causes of these problems.

The ACMA, in coordination with the Department of Communications and the Arts and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, is obtaining information from industry participants involved in providing services using the NBN. The ACMA is using its statutory powers to ensure that the information provided by different participants is clear, accurate, comparable and promptly provided.

The ACMA is also commissioning research to examine the current Australian consumer experience before, during and after migration to the NBN, across the range of NBN technologies that are being connected to households and businesses in the twelve months prior to the research fieldwork. That research will update and build on the ACMA’s 2016 research into the experience of Australian residents and small to medium businesses migrating to the NBN.

This work will help ensure that steps to improve the overall NBN experience of Australians (whether those steps are taken by government, industry or both) are well targeted and effective.

Last updated: 13 September 2017