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IFC 06/2008

Spectrum Options: 403-520 MHz - Initial consultation on future arrangements for the 400 MHz band

ACMA sought input from stakeholders to assist in the development of future arrangements for the radiofrequency spectrum in the range 403-520 MHz (the 400 MHz band). A discussion paper was released in April 2008 to solicit information and comment on the following broad areas:

  • Options for improving technical efficiency in the use of the 400 MHz band (such as reducing channel bandwidths, reviewing preferred transmit/receive frequency separations (also commonly referred to as 'splits'), increased use of digital technologies and trunking systems and exploring opportunities for channel loading and sharing).
  • Consideration of the allocation and licensing mechanisms used in the 400 MHz band with the goal of improving allocative efficiency. This includes the possibility of increased use of market mechanisms to facilitate greater efficiencies in the 400 MHz band and of class licensing or spectrum licensing arrangements in various parts of the band.
  • Consideration of new technologies and complementary uses of the band such as public cellular mobile telephone services particularly suited for deployment in regional and rural areas.
  • Opportunities for the harmonisation of spectrum use by certain government agencies.

This discussion paper represents the initial public step in what is likely to be an extended review process. Responses to this call for comments will be taken into account by ACMA in formulating more detailed options and strategies for the 400 MHz band. Any detailed proposals for implementing changes to current arrangements will be subject to further consultation with stakeholders and potentially affected incumbent licensees.

The Spectrum Options: 403-520 MHz discussion paper (Word 2.6 mb) or (PDF 602 kb) is available on the ACMA website.

Written submissions

Written submissions on the issues raised in this discussion paper have now closed.

ACMA received 75 submissions to the consultation paper on the future arrangements for the 400 MHz band. Where submissions also commented on the other spectrum management consultation papers released by ACMA during April 2008, this is noted.

Please direct any questions about this discussion paper to Andrew Stewart on telephone (02) 6219 5238.

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